How to Make Your Own Chicken Broth

Most people I know buy chicken broth in a box or in a can. While those are good things to have to prepare for an emergency like an apocalypse or a massive earthquake, I prefer to make my own chicken broth, fresh. Why? Like with my produce and eggs, I am an advocate of consuming fresh food because it’s better for the body. There’s often chemicals and a high salt content in order to preserve food on the shelf. Why do you think there’s artificial vitamin c added to orange juice sold on grocery store refrigerator shelves? After a while, it just sits there and becomes acid sugar water.

Anyhow, this is how I make my chicken broth:

1.) Throw in the pot: chicken drumsticks (with or without the skin), a bay leaf or two (or three)



You can skin it by hand

or by knife



2.) Simmer for about 1 to 2 hours (first at medium heat and lower it down to low medium when it starts to bubble up a bit).


You can store it in the refrigerator for a few days. Once you’ve refrigerated it, you’ll notice that the fat will have solidified into bits floating at the surface. It will melt back into the broth once heated, but if you’d like to remove excess fat, you can remove the bits from the broth.


DSCN1168 DSCN1169


Before –> After removing the fat bits.

You can also utilize the carcass from the leftover roasted chicken or ham (it was Easter, after all). Do note that I am not a professionally trained chef so others may do things a bit differently. But this does seem to work for me. I use the broth to cook rice in, mashed potatoes, sauces and gravies,  etc.



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