How to Dress for a hat

As a lover of Modern Vintage fashion, I am known to collect an array of fascinators and hats. It’s pretty much an automatic compliment-winning accessory. And you don’t have to be invited to a royal wedding to sport the look. As it was St. Patrick’s Day this week, here’s an emerald-colored hat that got added to my collection recently:

Picture 4 Picture 6

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The apparent dilemma for a lot of women seems to be not knowing what to wear with the hat. So here’s a set of recommendations of dresses I own that go well with this hat:

If you want to go for a matching colored dress, this is an a-line dress (which is flattering on most body types):

Picture 1

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Note that the color of the hat is much more vivid in person so it’s much closer to the color of the dress (don’t let the lighting in the photos fool you).

Now, if you really want to have the hat be a “pop” factor, you can opt for more neutral colors and go for something like this lovely peplum dress that is somewhat figure-conscious but it can mask a little bit of the lower abdomen area with the peplum while still creating a nice waistline with the band above it.

White peplum dress

(I just checked and this dress is no longer available on the website I got it from. So sorry, no link to this one)

Another option you have is to wear a dress of a similar color but in a slightly different tint/shade or in a different color but the same tint/shade. And to match the satin accent by having the dress material match it. This one (which I don’t own) appears to be of a lighter tint,which would allow the hat to also stand out more:

Picture 1

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No matter the dress, a great way to continue to accent the hat is to wear matching shoes. These are a pair I recently got that also matched the hat (the aqua one):

Picture 3

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(Note: Again, the color of the shoes were much more “greener” in person so I have confirmed from my own personal experience of buying these shoes that they match the hat).

Of course gloves are a great option too (I will cover a blog posting on gloves separately). In this case, I would go for a pair of wrist length gloves that match the dress. –>ie. If I wear a white dress I would opt for a pair of white gloves)

In this situation, you’re trying to dress around the hat so the hat should be the focal point. Everything else should compliment it. So don’t wear statement pieces of jewelry. Whether in the form of a necklace or earrings, white pearls are classic go-to accessory pieces for me.

Update April 22, 2014: I purchased this lovely satin dress

Picture 1

Click here to buy the dress

And this is what I look like with the full outfit:

Picture 4




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