Substituting Hummus for Mayonnaise and Cream Cheese for Butter

In just that one line, I shared two of my culinary secrets in the title of this blog (hence, it’s no longer a secret).

The hummus for mayonnaise substitute is specifically for my salads – egg salad, potato salad, and tuna salad.

Sprinkling in spices are a good option (ie. curry powder, paprika, etc.) as well as chopped herbs like chives. My mother always seemed to chop up celery to add to her mayonnaise-based salads and I too will often as well. It adds a nice crunch to it. Of course you ca also use carrots or radishes or any other vegetable of preference.

I often substitute cream cheese for butter in my cookie-baking. And I also use cream cheese instead of butter for my mashed potatoes.

With the cookies, a “partial substitution” is a more accurate description as I usually cut out some of the butter out and out back in cream cheese in that amount. Low fat cream cheese works perfectly well. For cookies, my tip is to soften the butter before adding cream cheese for a better creaming process because it takes the butte a longer time to soften.

In both of these substitutes, the fat is cut significantly, and most people who’ve had my cooking would agree that my versions taste better than the traditional versions of the dishes they’ve had. So here’s to better health and more flavor!


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