How I think Women Should Wear Boots with Jeans

There’s been this trend for a while now. It’s so common that one may not even think of it as a trend, but I honestly cannot stand how most women style their jeans with boots. In my opinion, they’re doing it wrong.

Perhaps this may seem a bit ironic as I do not own a pair of boots and hardly ever wear jeans. That’s clearly the first mistake a lot of women make: they wear things that they “think” they should wear because everyone else is wearing it. Well, as a woman who is infamous for having a stand-out sense of style popular with both men and women, you should probably avoid this combination altogether if you really want to stand out of the crowd.

BUT if you really insist on wearing jeans with boots, this is a suggestion of HOW YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR THEM:

Wearing on top the other dreadful trend of loose/airy tops/cardigans/sweaters, especially ones that drape past the waistline.

 Picture 5 (This is a photo of Kara Tointon I found on the site

Why? This is not a flattering piece on any woman regardless of size as larger-built women appear even larger and petite women look like they’re swimming (you don’t want to look like you’re sporting a parachute or a Halloween ghost costume). You’re already cutting your leg length appearance shorter by wearing your boots over jeans (that seems to be the more common way women wear them instead of wearing the jeans over the boots). By wearing this shapeless drapey top, you’re cutting your leg length appearance even shorter.

In my opinion, this is HOW YOU SHOULD WEAR THEM:

Elongate and create a slim silhouette. Tuck in your fitted shirt.

Picture 6 (Madeleine Stowe on ABC’s “Revenge” found on

You want to create a waistline, not erase it. My suggestion is to wear a bodysuit top so you don’t have to worry about the top gradually untucking itself over time. Here’s a good example of a bodysuit that resembles the universally flattering wrap dress:

Picture 8

In fact, you should probably choose a color for the top that matches the shade of the jeans you’re wearing underneath. You could also try this method with the boots by matching the color of the boots to the pants you’re wearing them with. 

Wear boots with [high] heels. 

Higher heels will make your legs longer regardless of the type of shoe you’re wearing.

If you’re afraid of looking like a smurf or some other creature of the sort, I can suggestvarying the textures/patterns of the fabric design you’re wearing. For an example, you can go all black but perhaps you could wear a black top that has a paisley pattern to it. Think of all those ties men wear with patterns  etched into them.

Note: These suggestions are for tasteful fashion purposes, not for practicality. And if you want to wear an outerwear for extra warmth, a cropped cardigan is probably the best bet for aesthetics.

Picture 1 (found on


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